Keynotes now published on eurozine

The NECE Conference 2014 keynotes by Aleida Assmann "Reflections on 1914/2014 - A year of commemoration" and by Jan-Werner Müller "Europe's twin dangers" are on now published on eurozine. 

Best of NECE 2014

This year's conference was all about remembrance and taking a look back at - mostly European - history. So let's follow in those footsteps yet again and take a look back: at NECE 2014!

Tonight: NECE 2014 live on air!

"Learned from history - 'insufficient'? Citizenship Education for Conflict Prevention" - NECE Conference 2014 is the main topic of tonight's Austrian radio program "Dimensions - the world of science" on ORF1. Switch on the livestream from 7.05 to 7.30 p.m. on (in German!).

That's all, folks!

So this is it. Three days, eleven workshops, seven keynotes, twelve thousand liters of coffee, tea, wine and beer and roughly fourty-five thousand two hundred and twelve calories later, NECE 2014 is over. It's been fun! Great keynotes, lively debates, a variety of very diverse workshops, a colorful project market and of course: great people. Networking, meeting new friends and seeing familiar faces, above all NECE is about bringing together people from diverse backgrounds in order to share experiences and hands-on reports about the many challenges that citizenship education is facing today and to share the progress that is being made.

Luuk van Middelaar on legitimacy and soft power

Luuk van Middelaar about why the EU struggles with its legitimacy both within and at its periphery and how citizenship education can contribute to forming a more positive attitude towards Brussels.

The World Café: lessons learned and outlooks from NECE 2014

The 'World Café' at this year's NECE conference was all about reflecting the results and experiences of the workshops and keynotes. For this reason, all of the participants gathered in the foyer, split up in small groups and got down to the business of discussing one of three core quesitons.

If we have learned one thing, it is that history does not repeat itself

Philipp Blom on the advantages and dangers of drawing parallels between 1914 and 2014 and what is different about today's conflicts compared to those of the last century.

Missionaries and monestaries: Europe at a crossroads

The final cornerpiece of this year's NECE conference was marked by Luuk van Middelaar's opening statement on the state of Europe and its capacities of dealing with conflicts, followed by a lively discussion with Philipp Blom and Ivan Krastev.


Parallels and paradigms

NECE has become more focused

Tatjana Meijvogel-Volk of ProDemos about how NECE has changed over the years and why it is still such an important place of encounter.


A little performance and the conference-cat

Workshop organizers Mona Qaiser, Sigrid Peuker, Max Behrendt and a cat about the role of dialogue in citizenship education - and a little performance.



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