Luuk van Middelaar on legitimacy and soft power

Luuk van Middelaar about why the EU struggles with its legitimacy both within and at its periphery and how citizenship education can contribute to forming a more positive attitude towards Brussels.

If we have learned one thing, it is that history does not repeat itself

Philipp Blom on the advantages and dangers of drawing parallels between 1914 and 2014 and what is different about today's conflicts compared to those of the last century.

NECE has become more focused

Tatjana Meijvogel-Volk of ProDemos about how NECE has changed over the years and why it is still such an important place of encounter.


A little performance and the conference-cat

Workshop organizers Mona Qaiser, Sigrid Peuker, Max Behrendt and a cat about the role of dialogue in citizenship education - and a little performance.


Andrea Mork about the European House of History

Andrea Mork about the idea behind the European House of History in Brussels and how it fits with the notion of a common European framework of remembrance, as suggested by Aleida Assmann

We often forget that citizenship educators are citizens, too

Nelly Corbel on the limits to citizen education in times and regions of conflict and the role of transnational help and networking.


We don't need a new concept of citizenship education

David Chandler about whether we need a new concept and discourse on power and conflicts in citizenship education and what insights he got from the workshop.

Towards a xenophobic Europe?

Rainer Münz about the causes for the rising xenophobia and what should be the response from politics and citizenship educators.

Responses to populism and Euroscepticism

Nicholas Startin on the rise of populism in Europe and the question of how citizenship education should respond to Euroscepticism and populistic currents.

We need to tell stories in citizenship education

Kris Grimonprez about values in citizenship education, the connection between European values and European law and the role of storytelling.