Josephine Evens has studied History, Political Science and Musicology in Bonn and Stockholm. Today she works at the Central Office Communication of the bpb and was responsible for the PR for Europe 14|14. She is a freelance writer for the "Geschichtsbüro" - Agency for Applied History, Cologne.

Annika Meixner is a political scientist and project manager with the Federal Agency for Civic Education. Her main focus is preventing right wing extremism via web-based interactive tools and providing information to battle xenophobia, homophobia and sexism.

Merlin Münch, who was born in 1987, passed his bachelor's degree in Sociology and Political Science and his master's degree in Sociological Technical studies in Maastricht and is now working as an editor and freelance journalist in Berlin. He has a special interest in the mutual influences of the Internet and society, especially in terms of the upheavals in the area of creativity. If the opportunity arises he is also happy to turn his back on the Internet and city life and takes to the countryside with his dog and his camera.

Steffen Ramlow, Web-TV developer, film maker, (co)founder of the Kooperative Berlin (Berlin cooperative). Following periods as an assistant working for lighting and stage designers at various theatres in Russia and Germany, he studied Visual Communication, Experimental Media Design and Film at the University of the Arts (UdK), Berlin. He also likes really long films and does not believe in people's decreasing attention spans, but only in contents and forms which are related well or poorly.

Nina Schillings, program manager for youth education at the Federal Agency for Civic Education. Head organiser of the event "Europe 14|14" in May 2014 on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the beginning of the First World War: over 400 young people from all over Europe and beyond came together for the "HistoryCampus Berlin" in order to shed light on the significance of the First World War for young Europeans personally, for their respective national identity and for Europe as a joint project for peace.