Workshop 6: Towards a xenophobic Europe? Intolerance and racism in European societies: Responses by politics and citizenship education

Amid Europe’s economic and social crisis, a general climate of intolerance and xenophobia, an often-diffuse ‘fear of others’ appears to be spreading. How can racism and xenophobia be prevented more effectively than before and what measures are necessary in order to change the migration-hostile climate of opinion? How can the relevant arguments of populist and migration-sceptical citizens be encountered? This workshop analyses the political and economic causes of the rise of migration-hostile currents and will attempt to formulate recommendations for citizenship education to appropriately deal with racism and intolerance at the European level.

Rainer Münz, Erste Group Bank (Austria) & Hamburgisches WeltWirtschaftsInstitut (Germany)
Ioannis Dimitrakopoulos, The European Fundamental Rights Agency (Austria)

Petr Čáp,
Civic Education Center (Czech Republic)


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