The World Café: lessons learned and outlooks from NECE 2014

The 'World Café' at this year's NECE conference was all about reflecting the results and experiences of the workshops and keynotes. For this reason, all of the participants gathered in the foyer, split up in small groups and got down to the business of discussing one of three core quesitons.

Busy bees: the World Café from a birds-eye perspective.


1. Which main findings and benefits can we take home?

2. What are/were the most important open questions and controversies at the conference and in the workshops?

3. In general: What framework conditions for citizenship education do we need to contribute to conflict prevention and conflict resolution (in and around Europe)?


Without further ado, people got to work. Using the table cloths as sketchboards, the various groups began mapping their individual thoughts and experiences. After a first round of discussion, participants would switch tables, in order to mix up the results of the groups and workshops and to share their input with others. All in all, three rounds of discussion and exchange took place, before some of the most important points were discussed with everybody. 


The faces of concentration.


The cookie monster was most concerned about EU standards of dough-making.


Wall of ideas

Citizenship Education
Conference Day: 

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