That's all, folks!

So this is it. Three days, eleven workshops, seven keynotes, twelve thousand liters of coffee, tea, wine and beer and roughly fourty-five thousand two hundred and twelve calories later, NECE 2014 is over. It's been fun! Great keynotes, lively debates, a variety of very diverse workshops, a colorful project market and of course: great people. Networking, meeting new friends and seeing familiar faces, above all NECE is about bringing together people from diverse backgrounds in order to share experiences and hands-on reports about the many challenges that citizenship education is facing today and to share the progress that is being made.

We will stick to the saying that a picture often says more than a thousand words, so please enjoy three days of NECE 2014 below:


Opening the conference: Mr Wirtitsch giving his welcoming speech


Nope, not praying for a successful conferece: warm-up by dancing the waltz!


More waltz!

Time for debate: Philipp Blom and Aleida Assmann



Quite an audience


Men in black


The quality of keynotes was terrific. Jan-Werner Müller on Europe's wake-up call.


Already on thursday there were some partner workshops to enjoy!


Many new perspectives


What looks like a very difficult game of memory was of course a very constructive workshop.


Citizenship Education
Conference Day: 

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